user registration

you can add team, clients and even vendors to your user management system; access their details or assign them tasks in just a few clicks

duthink, your business smarter


charts have on-click drill-down feature for in-depth exploration; also, the link on the top left corner of the chart will show you all the items from the selected date range

fast and efficient

quickly add or delete content without page reload

know your visitors

want to track all those who access your sensitive information? or perhaps, fancy playing a virtual watchman?

comment with feelings

who knew that feedback systems had feelings too!

duthink, your business smarter


all your business processes are at your disposal, all the time; you don't need calls or meetings to find out about new issues or progress!

take notes and assign tasks

when you create a note, your current page is automatically added as a reference; same, when you assign a task to someone; you can also give a star rating on the tasks completed (or not completed)

instant search and analysis

search any user instantly; find all their tasks and activities, feedbacks they've received, their strengths and weaknesses, at a single place